Our Services

We have the workforce and the expertise to  translate large volumes within 24 hours  SOS has successfully translated documents in every single foreign and Indian languages.

The nature of our assignments has ranged from medical to legal, as well as technical and business-related. We always use a native speaker of the desired language in order to ensure the highest quality and zero scope of error. Each project is proofread twice, once by the translator, and again by an expert editor to guarantee completeness and accuracy.

Our team is proficient in using Trados, SDLX and Word Fast. We are open to using any other software of your preferred choice as well. Customer Satisfaction is our top-most priority and we guarantee that you will be very gratified with our rates.

India is arguably the world’s fastest growing economy, and it is our aim to help global companies become a part of our growth. A number of MNCs have recently entered the Indian market after observing the increase in demand from the Indian consumers.

It is our job to provide you with in-depth market research, in order to give you the whole picture. Be it conducting surveys, taking interviews, filling in questionnaires, holding discussions and focus groups, or executing any other form of research, we are there to fulfill your requirements.

Our deliverables come in the form of an official report, excel sheets, ASCI format or however you wish to receive them.

At SOS Office, we offer to update and complete financial and accounting statements, do type setting, transcribe audiotapes and hand written documents. We work with highly reputed medical companies and deliver excellent quality work to them as well.

We fill in and complete insurance as well as medical forms in large volumes, with precision.

We make use of the best possible combination of people and technology to present first-class and error-free healthcare data entry services. Our experts diligently gather information from the medical forms, records, charts, or perhaps additional related medical documents and carry out data entry solutions to manage all this data properly

DOCUMENTARIES/ POSTERS/ ADS: Recent media industry is seeing a whooping trend towards localizing the audio content through subtitles, extending the reach to deaf and hard of hearing.

We provide subtitling with cultural adaptation and translation for software, Documentaries, and Posters, as well as Ads audio, video, or other multimedia content. At Secretarial and office services we guarantee to preserve the essence of content.

Secretarial and office services offers our multinational clients a distinct advantage to evaluate and appropriately analyze English source content and appropriately Globalize process.